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Geothermal & You - Economic Benefits - Commercial Savings

Installation Costs

Commercial Install Commercial, institutional and educational buildings typically use vertical ground coils. Some of the costs associated with installing vertical loops include:

  • The price of coils and polyethylene piping can vary depending on pipe diameter and length. A qualified contractor can best determine your installation costs.
  • Drilling costs vary based on geology of the site and number of boreholes.

The chart below shows the cost per foot of building floor area in the range of 100 to 800 tons of cooling:

Commercial Costs Diagram

The geothermal system is plotted against:

  • Two-pipe VAV system with centrifugal chillers
  • Unitary rooftop VAV system
  • Two-pipe fan-coil system with centrifugal chillers; and
  • Water loop heat pump system

When you're evaluating the installation costs, don't forget about the significant savings in operating costs.

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