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Residential Operating Costs

Operating Costs To view the annual operating costs of a geothermal heat pump system compared to alternative systems, select the city whose weather most closely resembles your location:

Midwest: South: East: West:
Minneapolis Richmond Boston Portland
Omaha Charlotte Trenton Salt Lake City
St. Louis Atlanta Indianapolis San Francisco
Oklahoma City Houston Tampa Los Angeles
Detroit Miami    

How the charts were calculated:

Each city display shows the typical annual energy cost in that general area. These costs are based a home with these characteristics:

  • 2,000 square feet, one story, well insulated
  • Three bedrooms, two baths, with living room, dining room, family room, laundry room and kitchen
  • Indoor temperatures of 70 degrees in winter and 75 degrees in summer

The typical weather conditions in each city were used to calculate the heating and cooling loads, with some adjustments in the home construction techniques prevalent in the area.

The summer heat gain and winter heat loss was matched with the HVAC equipment and the annual total kWh of electricity, CCF of natural gas, and gallons of oil or propane.

Domestic hot water was included based on the use of a desuperheater, plus an electric water heater for the geothermal heat pump systems.

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