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Success Stories - Residential

Dubuque, Iowa

Home in Dubuque, IA

  • Type of home: Single family, one story
  • Unique features: Radiant floor heat, styrofoam concrete construction and heated garage
  • Living space: 1,934 square feet, plus 936 sq. ft. garage
  • Winter design heat loss: 39,834 Btu/hour house, 22,308 Btu/hour garage
  • Summer design heat gain: 18,612 Btu/hour house, 8,628 Btu/hour garage
  • Installation: Three ton WaterFurnace

Water to air geothermal hot water option

  • Horizontal loop: 2,500 feet of polyethylene pipe
  • Heating season: $366.57 (8,451 kWh)
  • Cooling season: $160.91 (2,923 kWh)

Owner comments:

"The comfort, safety, strength and quietness of the styrofoam concrete house, in combination with the geothermal radiant floor heat, is unequaled in any other type of construction on the market today."

Note: All figures are estimates. Each design must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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