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Success Stories - Commercial

Postville, Iowa

Business in Postville, IA

  • Type of building: Commercial church, two story
  • Unique features: Older building with many additions, various kinds and amounts of insulation. Great zone control
  • Living space: 14,909 square feet
  • Winter design heat loss: 423,130 Btu/hour
  • Summer design heat gain: 408,000 Btu/hour
  • Installation: 44.5 ton WaterFurnace

Water to air geothermal hot water option

  • Vertical closed loop: 80 wells at 70 feet each; 5,600 feet of polyethylene pipe
  • Heating season: $2,919 53,072 kWh)
  • Cooling season: $849 (7,641 kWh)

Note: All figures are estimates. Each design must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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