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How It Works

Closed-Loop Systems

Diagram of types of closed-loop geothermal systems The most common type of geothermal installation is a closed loop system. The heat exchanger - a loop of piping filled with fluid - is buried underground.

The fluid circulates continuously inside the buried pipe, absorbing heat from the earth during the winter for use inside your home or business. In warmer months, the fluid takes heat from indoors and transfers it back into the earth.

Types of Closed Loop Systems
Learn more about central, distributed, modular and hybrid installations.

Horizontal Loops
A horizontal system uses a series of trenches about five or six feet underground.

Vertical Loops
A vertical installation uses a long U-shaped loop in a deep borehole.

Slinky Coils
This configuration allows for more piping in smaller area - a benefit for homeowners.

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