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Equipment - Desuperheaters

Geothermal Equipment - Desuperheater You can save even more energy and money by using your geothermal system to heat your water.

A desuperheater is a small refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger that can be added to a heat pump. It heats water with energy that would otherwise by given up by the heat pump's condenser.

A desuperheater can provide useful high-efficiency water heating. However, it provides hot water only when the system to which it's attached is operating; backup water heating is needed at other times.

For example, a desuperheater on a typical residential geothermal heat pump wouldn't heat water during spring and fall, when the full system isn't running.

But when it is running, you can take advantage of virtually free water heating for several weeks or even months each year.

Most manufacturers offer desuperheaters as a factory-installed option. If you have an even greater need for high-efficiency water heating, other options include dedicated heat pump water heaters and multi-function, full-condensing water heating systems.

Your contractor can help you determine which add-on water heating components are right for your needs.

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