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What It Is - Fundamentals

Equipment - Ductwork

Geothermal Duct Work If you're considering installing a geothermal system in your existing home or business, ductwork and insulation will play a big role.

If you have existing ductwork, it will most likely work for your new geothermal system. Your contractor can help you determine what modifications are needed.

If your home or business doesn't have an existing air distribution system (e.g., if you're replacing a boiler system), ductwork or in-floor radiant heating must be installed. The difficulty will depend on how your structure was built.

Learn more about: Air Distribution

Insulation is another key factor. Geothermal heat pumps will reduce your heating and cooling costs regardless of how well your home or business is insulated. However, maximum insulation and weatherizing will help you realize the most energy savings from your high-efficiency geothermal system.

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