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What It Is: Geothermal In Action

Lufkin Telephone - Conroe, Texas

Ralph Cadwallader, President-Loop Tech International:

"You hear more and more of commercial applications for the closed-loop system geothermal heat pumps. We're here in Conroe, Texas, showing off one of the buildings that we are very proud of. It is 150 ton, all glass, three-story building with potential of two extra floors when this building becomes completely occupied."

Charles W. Smith, Owner, Arctic Air Company, Conroe, Texas:

"You have a good feeling when you can present this system to a customer that it is the ultimate in air conditioning and heating. It is going to save them money. It is going to be quiet. You do not have any outside equipment to deal with.

"It is the best of everything as far as air conditioning and heating. There is nothing out there in the industry today that can it can compare with it."

Victor Inman, Marketing Agent, Gulf States, The Woodlands, Texas:

"What the geothermal systems offer a utility is an even power usage year-round for the building because typically the utility has high peak usage in the summer and lower peak usage in the winter. These systems even that load out to help make that utility more efficient.

"I feel that any commercial building, that is interested in controlling their energy costs, should really take a look at this system, because of the high efficiency that it offers, and the lower bills that we've seen.

"Also, some electric utilities offer incentive programs for installing systems like this that could help pay for it because they are looking at lowering their peak usage in the summer. It is a lower cost for the building owner, and a lower peak usage for the utilities, so I believe everyone wins.

"This building has versatility because there will be a fourth and fifth floor added to this building later on. What I would like to mention is the aesthetics. The dumpster next to the building is where the cooling tower would have been had it been a tower and boiler system.

"We have 150 loops, 250 feet deep on 15 foot centers under the parking lot and part of the green area beyond the parking lot. These loops come into a short header system and these headers come into a header pit where we have eight circuits. These eight circuits turn into a supply and return, which is a six-inch polyethylene pipe that goes into the mechanical room floor.

"A real nice feature about the geothermal closed-loop system is the fact that your mechanical room is very small; the space needed in this application is only 50 square feet."

Gordon Knott, Manager, Customer Service, Lufkin-Conroe Telephone Exchange:

"BMS is a flexible system. The main thing is with the zones. We can control separately that zone along the glass walls making it very pleasant for everybody throughout the building.

"At this building, we're occupying heating and cooling area around 30,000 square feet. The building we relocated from was around 10,000 square feet and at that building we were running, on average, 17 cents a square foot for total power. For this building, being three times as large, we're running right at 11.5 cents a square foot.

"I have been able to get some information just concerning the heating and cooling. The heat pumps are running right at 4.5 to 5 cents a square foot for heating and cooling. "

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