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What It Is: Geothermal In Action

Walden Pond Subdivision, Indiana

Walden Pond Subdivision, Indiana "Our marketing efforts were directed at two primary targets:

  • The people that use the product and
  • The people who would install it.

Homeowners liked the concept, were intrigued by the system and began asking questions. Then, with some hard work from our people, we convinced a few customers and made our first installations.

"We went slowly and carefully at first, getting a GT convert here and a satisfied customer there. Builders were skeptical in the beginning even though they thought the concept was a winner. Our first breakthrough came when System GT was picked for installation in nine out of ten homes in the 1987 Indianapolis Home-a-rama.

"The technology not only impressed the visitors; it showed the builders how well the systems worked. Then, a year later, we landed our first complete geothermal subdivision a 40-acre, 126-lot development called Walden Pond.

"This development was such a landmark for geothermal systems that it was even designated as a demonstration project with the Electric Power Research Institute. Then the technology really caught on. More and more subdivisions went total geothermal. Customers were calling and asking for more information. Builders were coming to us for advice when their customers began requesting homes with System GT.

"As the concept snowballed, Indiana was leading the nation in geothermal installations. During the first year of our System GT marketing program, geothermal accounted for 2.6 percent of our single-family home market. That number went up every year since, reached a peak of 12 percent and has now leveled out at between eight and ten percent of the market. "

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