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What It Is - Fundamentals


Geothermal Maintenance Like any other heating and cooling system, good maintenance is a key part of getting the most value for your energy dollar. Checking the system yourself periodically and having it professionally inspected regularly will help ensure that it stays in peak operating condition.

The first step is to read through the owner's manual. It's important to be able to identify key parts and how they work.

Your contractor will show you how to do simple maintenance on your geothermal heat pump, which might include:

  • Inspecting the air filters. A heat pump should never be operated without filters in place.

  • Checking the condensate pans for proper drainage and algae growth. If algae is apparent, consult a specialist for proper chemical treatment.

Have the whole system checked by a service technician once a year. This should include a visual inspection, refrigerant leak test, evaporator coil cleaning, and a check of the compressor, fan and pump motors. The technician will record operating data in a logbook so a deteriorating condition can be detected easily.

Rarely, a geothermal system may need emergency service. The most common cause of emergency service calls is electrical problems.

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